Thursday, September 6, 2012


Back in Virginia after the mid-west. Staying at a peaceful cabin just far enough from town I can pretend I'm not back in Blacksburg. This morning I saw a belted kingfisher perched in a tree, a red-tailed hawk fly by with a goldfinch in its beak, and a huge fish jump up from the pond (at least two feet long), all in the space of ten minutes. Days have been overcast of kind of rainy all day, which seems appropriate. Been hiking in the mountains some every day. Not being grounded with a daily routine or schedule has me feeling like I'm floating. Which I kind of am. 

I have a few top secret art projects I've been working on, but nothing that's been really engrossing me. I'll probably add some artwork to my website soon. If anyone has any graphic design projects they need done, feel free to contact me. Been learning a bunch of Ed Haley tunes, which all started when I went to the Cowan Creek music school in eastern Kentucky in June. I took a class on his tunes, but have learned a bunch on my own too. Its a fun challenge, and pretty different from most of the other tunes I play. Ed Haley is a compelling figure from back in the day when one could make a living and raise a family as a traveling busker and street musician. He was blind, and was introduced to his wife--also a blind musician who lived in the same county in West Virginia, so naturally they were a good match. The recordings we have of Ed are supposedly just the tip of the iceberg of what he played.  

Going to the big cities of Baltimore and New York soon. Also trying to make it to Asheville and Boone in the next month. Hope my motivation and inspiration for being on the road picks up again soon.


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